We are looking forward to hosting you!

We are looking forward to hosting you!

"Perfect to go with friends, enjoy the beach and night. For the more adventures you could also go for water sports or mountaineering"- Marta, Spain

"Friendliest atmosphere ever! Whole huge building for stay, not like small hostels I've been before" Sebastian, France

"The staff are really helpful and enthusiastic and will go out of their way to find out the information you need" - Anonym

"Very friendly staff who are more then welcome to introduce you to the 'real' Kiev" Ben -United Kingdom

"It is amazingly spacious and clean hostel right on the waterfront. It has a great kitchen and outside bar area" - IronMan, Indonesia

"I have been there with 70 other guets and it was simply fun. And I need to make a big compliment to the beds: the best I ever had in a hostel!" Jones - Australia

Welcome to theHUB! Hostels that offer so much more then just a place to stay! With two great hostels in Spain & Ukraine and fantastic teams we’re masters in hospitality,  know how to have fun and promise you awesome hostel experience!


theHUB Kyiv!

Set  in a beautiful 19th century mansion in the very heart of Kyiv, theHub Kyiv is the perfect base for your city adventure.
Currently closed for renovation, we will be back soon!

theHUB 4you Calpe

SONY DSCAmazingly located on a narrow patch between the beach and lagoon, theHUB 4you is the place to be for sun, sea and water sports!


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